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Artist’s Statement

I see our world as multi-layered, with most layers hidden from plain view. I try to reflect layers in my paintings, so that observers can draw different and personal experiences from them. My inspirations come from nature and music, and the moods they create. Mountains, water, rocks, wind, trees, grasses, rhythm, weather, the galaxy -- all of these come into play. Painting, for me, is a peaceful and joyful process. The paints and water form the quiet foundation for the layers I build. Most often, my first layer heads in one direction, and a totally different painting evolves after adding layers. Being free to evolve with my painting captures the creative process for me.

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Artist’s Profile

Originally from New York, Ms. Donelan has lived in North Carolina for over 30 years, first in the Chapel Hill area, and ultimately in the western North Carolina mountains. She currently resides in Asheville, but also spends time in the area around Boone, West Jefferson, and Blowing Rock.

Mick began painting with pastels in the 1980’s, under the guidance of A. Hunter Taylor, an award-winning pastel artist from Hillsborough, North Carolina. After experimenting with acrylics for a time, she settled on watercolors as the medium that allowed her to explore her use of color and imagination to the fullest extent.